i-think Twenty-Two

Now with more coherency.


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VBScroll is a little utility that does what Visual Basic should do, but doesn’t. A must have if you are constantly stuck in the VBA IDE and shout profanities whenever you try to scroll and your screen stays still.

Only problem is that it adds yet another icon into your system tray. However it is a small price to pay for increased productivity and reduced staring from co-workers. It also doesn’t have an install script, but it just works so I think I can forgive it that.

i-think Awards Dinner

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Just a reminder that the i-think awards dinner is tonight at 6pm at The Summit Restaurant at Mt Coot-tha. Let me know if you are coming!

Was Microsoft Access forged by Lucifer?

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Evidence has come to light that suggest that Microsoft Access was a creation of the devil. Designed to destroy the sanity of us mere mortals.

Two identical fields, Street1 and Street2 are not working properly. Well, Street1 is, but Street2 isn’t! The expression =[Street1] works, but the expression =[Street2] produces an error. The error is the insanely useless: #Error

Stupid Access. Back to the fires of hell I condemn thee.

UPDATE (15th August 2006): Now I’ve noted that I can’t have more than 9 “OR” statements in a query in design view. The whole point of design view is to make those sort of horrible queries easy!!
UPDATE (Just after rant): Ok, so it is possible, but not in the nice way I expected.

Roger Ramjet

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I was thinking of cartoons that would make good live action movies and I think Will Ferrell would be perfect for Roger Ramjet.

Do you have any ideas for old cartoons that would make great live action movies?

i-think Awards Nominations Deadline Extended

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The deadline for nominations for the 2006 i-think awards has been extended to 14th of July (inclusive). Voting will begin on the 22nd of July and will continue until the night of the awards on the 19th of August.

I have also taken control of categories that have not had their nominees managed suitably.

If you haven’t got a username yet (or have forgotten your password) and would like to vote, drop me a line.

Remember, a category needs to have at least two nominees for it to be accepted.