i-think Twenty-Two

Now with more coherency.

i-think Awards 2006 has begun

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That’s right, the i-think Awards site is now online. Sure, it’s the same codebase that we’ve had for the last 3 years, but it works, so there. Maybe one day I’ll actually have the time and energy to rewrite it from scratch, but not this year!

So the only question that we are left with is: How many awards will Paul win this year?

Leap Years

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I had to do some date verification code and was just dealing with the leap years. It is a convoluted statement, but it is still reasonably neat:

function is_leap_year($year) {
   return ($year % 4 == 0) && !($year % 100 == 0 && $year % 400 > 0);

I sourced the rule from http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/astronomy/LeapYear.html

The Mill strikes again

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Well, it appears that The Mill was right on target. Well, sort of. On 29th October, 2005 (Do we hear wedding bells?), we reported that Paul and Will were head to head in the race for matrimonial bliss. Recently this head to head race has progressed a little with Paul announcing his proposal to Trish privately with me on Friday. This was followed up by a public announcement on his blog.

Whilst full details of the engagement are yet to emerge, such as when, where and how, Paul’s recent trip to Singapore most likely suggests that he may have indeed taken the advice of The Mill’s article on 2nd November, 2005 (When To Propose) regarding when to propose. Reports suggest that an actual ring still needs to be purchased and that a fancier proposal needs to take place. Please post your proposal suggestions.

With an estimated two years until the actual wedding (which suggests that it isn’t a shotgun wedding), Will may find the necessary time to play catch up. In the meantime, preparation has already begun for Paul’s bachelor party (which will likely resemble a LAN party with strippers).


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Rediculous, noun.

What one might call a left-wing extremist’s ideas.