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War on Pranks

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With the cry for swift retaliation for the recent Michael D. Cameron prank, the similarities between this and the war on terror begin to emerge.

Paul seems to be most like Iraq. Responsible for a lot of stuff and therefore held accountable when such a large prank occurs. One could even see Will starting a speech like this:

“We shall prank them on the beaches, we shall prank them on the landing grounds, we shall prank them in the fields and in the streets, we shall prank them in the hills; we shall never surrender”

The Mill has been playing an important role in this investigation and as such has interrogated Paul, making use of torture where appropriate or it just seemed like fun. Through Paul’s shrill girlie screams (which were quite different from Dave’s which sound more like a Britney Spears song), it became obvious that a credit card was needed in order to perpetrate such a prank. Sure, that information didn’t come directly from torturing Paul, but where is the fun of interrogation without torture?

Paul does not have a credit card. Although given his relationship with Trish, he may have access to one. Unfortunately he claims (even under some heavy torture) that he has been banned from using the card “under pain of death”. What for wasn’t entirely clear, but it was likely to be either spending too much on porn or too many transactions at King’s Cross.

So this brings me to Dave, who recently claimed (about two weeks prior to the prank) that he does not like to use his credit card online. That and the fact that Dave is cheap strikes him out from the list.

Of course, Will has a credit card, and may have simply been seeking some attention himself. Will has also demonstrated his desire to see more pranks take place and may have found this to be the best way to start the war on pranks.

Stay tuned as The Mill examines the probable actions leading up to the 15/11 prank.

What is in a name?

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The Mill has been doing some investigating over the last few days into the question of the identity of Michael D. Cameron. Perhaps most puzzling about what is likely a pseudonym (based on the evidence provided by the Java reference) is the middle initial, or even why a pseudonym was used at all? Why not simply use the more traditional “Secret Admirer”. This is where the differences between this prankster and not-Rhys becomes apparent. This prankster wants to be caught. Besides, if you aren’t caught, you can’t truly take credit for the genius that was this prank.

So why the middle initial? It strikes me as odd that a middle initial was used if not to point to the possible identity of the prankster. It is not too often that people use their middle initial (although the email system at Pizza Hut decided once to add my initial to my outgoing emails (Parry, Rhys C) which was kind of weird, but did make me feel more prestigious for a while until the initial was revoked) at all, so it makes sense that this may stand for something. It is likely that it stands for something that when solved it would have a domino effect that will show meaning in the rest of the message (or perhaps simply the pseudonym).

Perhaps all that is needed from Will is that the correct and full answer is discovered for the prankster to reveal their identity and confess.

Next on The Mill we’ll discuss how this prank attack may have triggered a “War on Pranks”

A new not-Rhys?

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As has been recently posted on Omegadelta.Net, Will has been recently the subject of what may be the biggest practical joke since not-Rhys.

Adorning a beautiful arrangement of flowers, was a teddy bear (a clue perhaps?) and a large pink ribbon. Oh, and the message:

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, you love Java and I love you. You are my Ace lets share another cup of Java soon. Happy Birthday Michael D. Cameron.

When I finally stopped laughing I began investigating the potential culprit.

So who is Michael Cameron? A quick Google search finds a Michael Cameron in Melbourne and in the school of computer science and information technology. Interestingly, this Michael Cameron has a brother Jamie Cameron, the author of Webmin.

Is this name a clue? If so, a clue to what? Or is it simply a red herring designed to steer us from the true culprit. Sounds like something not-Rhys would do. Is not-Rhys back? Have we only experienced a minor reprieve from not-Rhys' pranking?

Will has declared swift revenge on the culprit, and while this threat may prevent the culprit from stepping forward straight away this may lead to a new wave of pranks to finally surpass those of the not-Rhys saga.

More to follow once Will provides photographic evidence. I only wish I thought of this prank first. I tip my hat to the prankster.

Maintaining Machismo

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Well, on Friday night I saw Elizabethtown. I ended up seeing it alone. Why? Because Dave doesn’t like the genre of Romantic Comedy. The fact was that the movie was quite good.

So what was Dave’s real reason for not seeing the movie? The answer: Maintaining Machismo. To go to a movie that doesn’t have people shooting each other and and tonnes of explosions (Elizabethtown actually shows a house blowing up 4 times) would clearer be outside of the boundaries set as “Masculine”.

Whilst I like these sort of movies, I would hardly call myself a girl. Yet Dave was so opposed to the movie that despite having dinner with me before the movie he still decided to simply go home and presumably do something manly like watch sports or build things.

So why do I like the occasional romantic comedy? Hope. I like going into a romantic comedy where I can fall in love with the female character (and where ideally I don’t hate, but rather relate to the guy that ends up getting her in the end). Seeing as this is better than my real life it is a nice escape. If they blow stuff up (like in Elizabethtown) or have decent comedy (also Elizabethtown) that is an added bonus. Considering some of the silly movies I have seen such as Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven, these movies are a breath of fresh air and I can certainly relate to them better. (Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven both had ne falling asleep).

So to this end I need to find a movie buddy who enjoys the occasional romantic comedy. Some upcoming movies that I am interested in seeing, but I’m pretty certain Dave isn’t are:

  • Just Like Heaven (It’s more because of the paranormal thing, which seems interesting. The music at the end of the trailer is a bit of a turn off, but I want to see it anyway)
  • Date Movie (It has Alyson Hannigan)
  • The Family Stone (Has Luke Wilson and Claire Danes) So if you are interested in the position of movie buddy, with a view to replacing Dave ;-), let me know and we’ll arrange an interview. Remember, I also have the competition that you can enter to see a movie with me (as well as getting half a pizza and a coffee).

If only it were this easy...

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Today I received this email from “Graphic Fortune Lotto” letting me know that I was lucky enough to win 1.5 Million pounds. With this sort of money I would be pretty set, unfortunately I’m not this lucky. Not lucky enough to win a lottery that I never entered. (I have left the content intact, but have emphasised certain points

From: The director of the Prize Award Department Reference number: EG/38807886091/05 Batch number: 340/1608/RDL

Re: Award Notification Of Final Notice

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the GRAPHICS FORTUNE LOTTO brits sweepstakes lottery International promotion UK programmes held on the 7TH NOVEMBER 2005. Your email address attached to the ticket number 033-1146993-750 with serial number 13-15-16-21-34-36, which consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category.

You have therefore been awarded the lump sum of 1.5MILLION (ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) in cash credited to file number EG/38807886091/05.This is from the total cash prize off 150,000,000.00(ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) which is being shared among Ten international lucky winners in this category. Your funds are deposited with a security company, which will be insured in your name once you contact us.

All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 email addresses from all over the world as a part of our international promotional program, which we conduct twice annually. We hope that with a part of your prize, you will take part in our end of year high stake 3bn lottery. All prize money must be claimed no later than 14days from the date of this notice, as after this date, all funds will be returned to GRAPHICS LOTTO INTERNATIONAL as unclaimed. To file for your claim, please contact our financial agent:

MR. MAC OWEN CLAIMS MANAGER. Email:graphicslotteryuk@mail.com ALTERNATIVE EMAIL:graphicslotteryuk@yahoo.co.uk Tel: 0044 703184 8477. Fax: 00442-07-900-3621. International:0044 703184 8477. For Further Assistant please call your international Directory in your country (GRAPHIC FORTUNE LOTTO)

First of all. 150,000,000 pound shared between 10 people would be 15,000,000 pound each. They are ripping us off of 13.5 million pound!!! And you have to love the urgency suggested by the 14 day deadline. Oh, the headers:

Received: from borland.com (tpr-165-239-46.telkomadsl.co.za []) by pbf.org.au (Postfix) with SMTP id 7BC741284C6 for ; Mon, 7 Nov 2005 17:51:54 +1000 (EST) From: it@pbf.org.au To: it Subject: AWARD NOTIFICATION X-Priority: 3 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal Reply-To: it@pbf.org.au mime-version: 1.0 content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary=“qzsoft_directmail_seperator” Message-Id: 20051107075154.7BC741284C6@pbf.org.au Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 17:51:54 +1000 (EST)

What country is that? Zambia. Running a UK lottery, and using Yahoo! and Mail.com accounts to toke information from the winners. I don’t think so. That and setting the from to look like it came from me was just plain stupid!

When will these scammers actually start to take pride in their work? When will they purchase proper domain names and create entire websites to support their cause. And when will their maths improve?

Of course this was also identified by Spam Assassin:

Content analysis details: (9.40 points, 7 required) BASE64_ENC_TEXT (1.6 points) RAW: Message text disguised using base-64 encoding SUBJ_ALL_CAPS (1.1 points) Subject is all capitals RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET (3.0 points) RBL: Received via a relay in bl.spamcop.net [RBL check: found] MISSING_MIMEOLE (0.5 points) Message has X -MSMail-Priority, but no X-MimeOLE PRIORITY_NO_NAME (0.5 points) Message has priority setting, but no X-Mailer NIGERIAN_BODY (2.7 points) Message body has multiple indications of Nigerian spam

Poor effort indeed.