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i-think Awards Update - Week 2

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Yes, week 2 of the weekly updates. Here are the dates as they stand now: Closing of acceptance of new categories: May 15th Nominations close: May 31st Voting Starts: June 1st Voting Closes: June 26th 10am Awards Dinner to be held on: Sunday, 26th June.

The i-think awards website is ready to take your nominations (you don’t even have to log in to nominate). New categories added in the last week include:

Best Operating System Best i-think prank of all time Best Movie

Be sure to put your nominations forward. The following categories are at risk of automatic disqualification if more nominees aren’t added. (Remember, the i-think Awards don’t just give awards at by default, even if the competition has gotten really drunk of non-alcoholic wine)

Best Visual Effects Supervisor (1 nomination so far) Best Homemade Trailer (1 nomination so far) Best Quote (1 nomination so far) Best Sean Connery Appearance (1 nomination so far) Best Official Movie Trailer (1 nomination so far) Best Homemade Star Wars Trailer (No nominations so far) Best Operating System (1 nomination so far)

Remember, categories need 2 or more nominations to be legitimate.

Category Managers, be sure to watch your pending nominations closely to avoid double ups.

So, what are you waiting for, go, make some nominations: http://www.i-thinkawards.net/