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Mac OS X - Day Two

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In this, the second day of my using my Mac Mini to do a University assignment I am loving it. I am learning the keyboard shortcuts very quickly and they seem to be quite logical and consistent in nature. I have even adapted to the Command + X,C,V for copy and paste (I am an old school Shift/Ctrl Insert person).

With further use of my Mac I am discovering that it is built to work with me, not the other way around. If I think something should be done some way it typically is. My only problem with it so far is that the default applications are not very well defined. For instance, you need to open Safari to set your default browser to something else. I have not yet found out how to change program associations.

Hell, Word even has a word count in the status bar (the obvious place to put it). And it handles images so much better than the Windows version.

Plus, I’ve been running the thing for ages and not only is it quiet, but it has barely heated up.