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i-think Awards Update - Week 3

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We have one new category this week:

Best Animated GIF. This category has some pretty interesting nominations.

The following categories are still at risk of automatic disqualification if more nominees aren’t added.

Best Visual Effects Supervisor (1 nomination so far) Best Homemade Trailer (1 nomination so far) Best Quote (1 nomination so far) Best Sean Connery Appearance (1 nomination so far) Best Official Movie Trailer (1 nomination so far) Best Homemade Star Wars Trailer (No nominations so far - There are two pending nominations) Best Operating System (1 nomination so far) Best i-think Prank of All Time (1 nomination so far)

Remember, categories need 2 or more nominations to be legitimate.

Category Managers, be sure to watch your pending nominations closely to avoid double ups. If you don’t feel up to managing a category, it can be transferred to another user. Similarly, if you want to manage a new category, let me know and I’ll set it up.