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The Mobile phone and the immasculated pen

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Well, I’ve had a bit of fun with exams lately. The exam on Wednesday morning last week gave me the opportunity to leave my mobile phone in the exam room. The stupid thing is that you need to put them on the floor because of the ringing. My phone doesn’t ring, even if I wanted it too. Actually it only occasionally vibrates too. It’s a wonder I can have a conversation on it.

Anyway, I had another exam this morning, this time an essay-based exam, which is always fun. I was going fairly well, and about one third of the way through my second essay the ink began to get a little dull. This was odd as I had checked the ink level (which was sufficient) before the exam started. By the last paragraph of the last essay the pen had given up entirely and lost its ball, literally. The tiny ball was rolling around the desk. It would have been fun to play with if it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to get the hell out of the exam (and finish the last smashing paragraph). Fortunately I was able to borrow a pen from one of the lovely exam ladies. She was quite confused at my plight.

What was most interesting about the ball coming out of the pen was the tiny pacer led type piece of metal that was clearly spring loaded and pushing the ball towards the outside. And amazingly, no ink actually fell out of the pen, which was a relief. I will try and get a photo of the pen up soon.

And now I’ve found that my phone doesn’t want to display my mobile phone carrier on the screen (or the cell info display that tells me where I am).