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i-think Awards Results

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The results for the 2005 i-think Awards are in and a fun night was had by all last Sunday. Photos to be uploaded shortly. For a full list of all the vote totals, check out the Excel File. A full page of the winners will be up shortly, but at the moment I am focussing on the planning phase of the new i-think Awards website which whilst not as integrated with i-think Twenty-Two as I had originally planned, will serve to provide a great platform from which to run the awards. Once the new site goes live (I’m hoping within a month) I will be sending out the awards to those winners across the world and hope to receive some feedback to publish on the site.

The new awards site will also serve as a platform for the development of the official rules of the i-think Awards that will finally state the necessary procedures in particular with resolving grievances. If you have any suggestions for how the site can best be improved, let me know. A fair chunk of the backend will stay, but it will be rejigged as necessary to enforce the newly published rules better.