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Smooshed Characters in Microsoft Word

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An interesting problem has resurfaced in Microsoft Word for me today. That is, smooshed characters. Now how exactly is one supposed to describe the smooshiness in the of text in Word to the Microsoft Knowledge base.

Basically the problem is that the characters are not being spaced and each subsequent character appears on top of the one before it. Changing the font size fixes the problem, but you are unable to use that font/size combination for the remainder of the Word session. If you close and reopen Word, the problem goes away.

I am assuming the problem occurs when something wacky happens to the font in Word’s memory, butt one would hove thought this bug would be fixed by now. (Using Word XP) The problem has occurred on multiple PCs.

If you have any theories as to what might be causing the problem or how to fix it, let me know by making a comment to this post.