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Sleep Deprivation

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Everyone enjoys their sleep. I am one of those people, but the last few nights have seen me inflict horrible amounts of sleep deprivation on myself. Why the torture? A university assignment.

Well, I really should have done the assignment earlier, but putting things off to the last minute is what gives me the drive to get things done. Even my medical application was submitted days before the deadline. Things just seem to be getting worse. I push myself and use caffeine (the molecule to which I am dedicating this assignment) to ensure that I get across the line. Of course, I know that if I just did things earlier I would get it done with no problems.

I am addicted to the feeling of cutting it close. It seems to give me a thrill. Unfortunately I don’t like what I have to do to cut things so fine and as such I am trying to make a significant change. I believe that if Griffith is good enough to take me and the Defence Force is good engouh to pay me I might actually be able to focus on University work and enjoy my free time.