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Maintaining Machismo

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Well, on Friday night I saw Elizabethtown. I ended up seeing it alone. Why? Because Dave doesn’t like the genre of Romantic Comedy. The fact was that the movie was quite good.

So what was Dave’s real reason for not seeing the movie? The answer: Maintaining Machismo. To go to a movie that doesn’t have people shooting each other and and tonnes of explosions (Elizabethtown actually shows a house blowing up 4 times) would clearer be outside of the boundaries set as “Masculine”.

Whilst I like these sort of movies, I would hardly call myself a girl. Yet Dave was so opposed to the movie that despite having dinner with me before the movie he still decided to simply go home and presumably do something manly like watch sports or build things.

So why do I like the occasional romantic comedy? Hope. I like going into a romantic comedy where I can fall in love with the female character (and where ideally I don’t hate, but rather relate to the guy that ends up getting her in the end). Seeing as this is better than my real life it is a nice escape. If they blow stuff up (like in Elizabethtown) or have decent comedy (also Elizabethtown) that is an added bonus. Considering some of the silly movies I have seen such as Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven, these movies are a breath of fresh air and I can certainly relate to them better. (Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven both had ne falling asleep).

So to this end I need to find a movie buddy who enjoys the occasional romantic comedy. Some upcoming movies that I am interested in seeing, but I’m pretty certain Dave isn’t are:

  • Just Like Heaven (It’s more because of the paranormal thing, which seems interesting. The music at the end of the trailer is a bit of a turn off, but I want to see it anyway)
  • Date Movie (It has Alyson Hannigan)
  • The Family Stone (Has Luke Wilson and Claire Danes) So if you are interested in the position of movie buddy, with a view to replacing Dave ;-), let me know and we’ll arrange an interview. Remember, I also have the competition that you can enter to see a movie with me (as well as getting half a pizza and a coffee).