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What is in a name?

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The Mill has been doing some investigating over the last few days into the question of the identity of Michael D. Cameron. Perhaps most puzzling about what is likely a pseudonym (based on the evidence provided by the Java reference) is the middle initial, or even why a pseudonym was used at all? Why not simply use the more traditional “Secret Admirer”. This is where the differences between this prankster and not-Rhys becomes apparent. This prankster wants to be caught. Besides, if you aren’t caught, you can’t truly take credit for the genius that was this prank.

So why the middle initial? It strikes me as odd that a middle initial was used if not to point to the possible identity of the prankster. It is not too often that people use their middle initial (although the email system at Pizza Hut decided once to add my initial to my outgoing emails (Parry, Rhys C) which was kind of weird, but did make me feel more prestigious for a while until the initial was revoked) at all, so it makes sense that this may stand for something. It is likely that it stands for something that when solved it would have a domino effect that will show meaning in the rest of the message (or perhaps simply the pseudonym).

Perhaps all that is needed from Will is that the correct and full answer is discovered for the prankster to reveal their identity and confess.

Next on The Mill we’ll discuss how this prank attack may have triggered a “War on Pranks”