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War on Pranks

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With the cry for swift retaliation for the recent Michael D. Cameron prank, the similarities between this and the war on terror begin to emerge.

Paul seems to be most like Iraq. Responsible for a lot of stuff and therefore held accountable when such a large prank occurs. One could even see Will starting a speech like this:

“We shall prank them on the beaches, we shall prank them on the landing grounds, we shall prank them in the fields and in the streets, we shall prank them in the hills; we shall never surrender”

The Mill has been playing an important role in this investigation and as such has interrogated Paul, making use of torture where appropriate or it just seemed like fun. Through Paul’s shrill girlie screams (which were quite different from Dave’s which sound more like a Britney Spears song), it became obvious that a credit card was needed in order to perpetrate such a prank. Sure, that information didn’t come directly from torturing Paul, but where is the fun of interrogation without torture?

Paul does not have a credit card. Although given his relationship with Trish, he may have access to one. Unfortunately he claims (even under some heavy torture) that he has been banned from using the card “under pain of death”. What for wasn’t entirely clear, but it was likely to be either spending too much on porn or too many transactions at King’s Cross.

So this brings me to Dave, who recently claimed (about two weeks prior to the prank) that he does not like to use his credit card online. That and the fact that Dave is cheap strikes him out from the list.

Of course, Will has a credit card, and may have simply been seeking some attention himself. Will has also demonstrated his desire to see more pranks take place and may have found this to be the best way to start the war on pranks.

Stay tuned as The Mill examines the probable actions leading up to the 15/11 prank.