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Proposed series of events leading up to the 15/11 prank

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So what were the likely events leading up to the 15/11 prank? The Mill takes this hypothetical journey through the minds of the pranksters in an effort to unveil further clues to the identity of the prankster.

Stage one: The Preparation It is likely that time was taken to prepare the prank and that other alternatives were considered prior to the final decision to go with the flowers. Possible alternatives might have been Singing Telegrams, Strip-a-Grams or possibly a combination of the two.
Stage two: The message Once the flowers had been decided it must have become obvious to the prankster that a message needed to be written. The prankster would have spent considerable time trying to find the perfect balance between providing sufficient clues and giving themselves away immediately. References to “Java” and “Michael D. Cameron” stood out within the message and were likely the subtle clues left by the prankster. There was also a line referring to “you are my Ace”, which may refer to either some sort of flying expert or perhaps a reference to Will’s liking of poker.
Stage three: The order From the photographic evidence and the comments suggested by Will, the flowers were ordered with a free teddy bear. As I can count 10 stems in the photograph (some others may be hidden from view), I concluded that the prankster purchased the medium flowers (12 stems) for $59.50. As for the Vase, it is likely that $25 would be chosen over $35, bringing the total cost of the prank up to $84.50. The prankster may have even phoned the florist to ensure that their true identity (needed for billing) would not be revealed.
Stage four: The aftermath The prankster was likely to be eagerly awaiting a response from Will. It is likely that a slight jump in traffic could have been seen to Omegadelta.net as the prankster waited impatiently for reports of the prank’s success. Although with the recent addition of RSS to the site (albeit a cut-down version) it is unlikely that anything other than circumstantial evidence can be gleamed from the server logs.
This was a well thought out prank and the pranksters will be revealed. If not today, then surely some other day.