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Maintaining Machismo - Part Two

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It seems that Dave isn’t the only one that feels the need to prove he is a man. Over the last couple of weeks I am beginning to feel that I too need to prove my manhood in visible ways. I have begun to grow a beard. Surely the more body hair one has, the more masculine that person is.

And today I went to Ikea (okay, maybe that was girlie) to find something that might store my DVDs. I ended up buying a table (for something else) and a chest of drawers. But, being Ikea I got to build them myself.

Somewhere along the line it looks as though the people at Ikea have discovered tools other than the humble allen key. In assembling the funiture I had to use two screwdrivers and a hammer (there were nails, not to let out my frustration).

The table assembled fairly easily (as you would imagine) and didn’t wobble as is prone to happen with Ikea furniture. I like to think this was a side effect of going beyond the allen key.

Then with manly sweat on my brow I took to the chest of drawers. Well, after unpacking the box it looked like enough stuff to build a small space shuttle. Unfortunately when assembled it wasn’t a space shuttle, but a chest of drawers. Nevertheless I am quite happy.

Now to put all my DVDs inside and document them as I do so. Soon I will have an accurate figure of just how many DVDs I own. No doubt I will need to buy another chest soon.