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Wanted: Voices for new Dataman Radio Show

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That’s right, Dataman is moving to yet another format. This time, pure audio to be distributed on the web. Yes, Dataman is jumping on the Podcast bandwagon.

Of course, I need some assistance, primarily in the form of voice actors. Initially I will be writing, directing and editing the show together, although I may decide to have guest directors/writers/editors if people have good ideas.

The show will take place 5 years after Dataman’s death (remember, he was killed by the Voice) and the world is in a pretty horrible state.

In particular I need voice actors who can fill the roles of:

  • Dataman
  • The Voice
  • Him!
  • Other real-based characters (Will, Paul, Dave, etc)
  • Other miscellaneous voices

The idea will be to produce one roughly 20 minute episode each month. It will be similar in the way it works to traditional radio shows.

If you are good with sound effects or music, that would be great too. (This project will aim to not violate any copyright law).

To audition, send an mp3 file of your vision for the character you wish to play (you can play multiple characters), email me (if you don’t know my email address, submit a comment saying you would like to audition and I’ll email back. That way I can avoid spammers a little).

Currently I am looking to only provide the lines that would be required to be said by the voice actors so that the story is not entirely revealed. There will be sufficient direction to ensure the lines are said in the proper context.

This is not a commercial endeavour (at least, not currently) and there will be no renumeration to anyone who volunteers to help. If you are good in the role, you will earn a special place in my heart, and if the project ever does go commercial, I’ll be sure to involve you.

Product placement will be considered if you have a product that fits in well with the show.

So come on, get involved in this exciting new project.