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The Final Piece

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As has been mentioned by Paul, and demanded by Will, the full IRC convo and our astonishing predictions of how the convo would “go down” are now available thank to The Mill.

First of course, is our prediction (Nov 25, 2005):

Why won’t Michael D. Cameron Confess? Ok, I confess. I confess too Fine, I confess. so which one of you was it then? Paul Michael Doessel D. Schiefelbein Rhys Cameron Parry *divzero falls off chair

And then the actual conversation (Nov 27, 2005):

[19:32] divzero: I have narrowed it down to three (hmm maybe I should add Trish to the list?) [19:33] spiff: I don’t think so [19:33] Cameron: Maybe it was Paul’s friend Michael{ [19:34] Dave: Or Rhys friend Cameron [19:34] Cameron: or that D_ fellow? [19:34] spiff: or all 3 [19:35] Cameron: That’s absurd Paul, then the price of the prank would be split three ways and it isn’t evenly divisible by 3. [19:35] divzero: This conversation almost feels choreographed [19:35] Cameron: Why would you say that? [19:35] divzero: All three of you were in on it wern’t you? [19:35] Dave: yeah - and one of them wouyld have to have a credit card… [19:36] divzero: But what signifigance did “Michael D. Cameron” have? [19:36] spiff: Paul Michael Doessel [19:36] Dave: D. Schiefelbein [19:36] Cameron: Rhys Cameron Parry [19:36] Cameron: Now that was choreographed [19:37] spiff: wait for it [19:37] Dave: cmon will - you can do it [19:37] divzero: Michael D. Cameron? [19:37] spiff: DAMNIT [19:38] * divzero falls off chair [19:38] spiff: close enough [19:38] divzero: ? [19:38] divzero: clap clap nice one guys, you got me good [19:38] spiff: wow Rhys, you sure you don’t have prescience? [19:39] Dave: that bit was coreographed

Ah, a thing of beauty. Will, you really do need a seatbelt for your chair.