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One year at PBF

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On this day last year I started work at the PBF. I was able to escape the clutches of Pizza Hut and find more human employment. Unfortunately I’m not sure that it’s been as great as I had originally hoped. It is better than Pizza Hut (which isn’t hard) but I do feel a lot less valuable than I did when working at Pizza Hut. Here are the main reasons for that:

  • I have been left inside the building, locked up, with the security activated on more times than I can recall. One of those times was my birthday
  • When I started I was told my pay and performance would be reviewed in three months. Nothing has happened. As far as I know my performance has been good.
  • When we had a scheduled power outage recently, I was carbon copied on an email addressed to a non-technical employee suggesting that they should check the file server would be alright. The message body was also addressed to this person.
  • Before leaving on his trip to Africa for six weeks (as he was going out the door) my boss told me that I will be moving offices to a yet to be built office that is about half the size. (I know this is better than cubicle territory, although I have seen larger cubicles). This new office will not have a window and will also require that it be set up for IT work. My existing office has just enough bench space and all powerpoints are above the benches. The person who is getting my office is the new Manager. This is also how I found out (for sure) that I did not get the position.

These are what I know as fact. I also have suspicions (which are reinforced by these facts), but they are un-substantiated so I won’t publish them.

What do you think? And what would you do in my position?