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My new UPS

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After being without a UPS for what seems like forever (almost two years) I finally got around to buying one. The only problem is that the software doesn’t show the status of the UPS, but it will shut down my computer if the battery is going to go out, so it’s better than nothing.

Finally, after a long spell without one I finally replaced my UPS

Bringing home the UPS by i-think Twenty-Two

I had to catch the bus home from work the day the UPS arrived so I removed it from its bulky box and put it in my backpack

UPS bits by i-think Twenty-Two

This is what came with the UPS (plus two power cables) - UPS - Telephone Cable - USB data cable - Software and documentation

The UPS by i-think Twenty-Two

The yellow label is to remind you to connect the battery first

The battery slides out by i-think Twenty-Two

The battery slides out easily

Disconnected Battery by i-think Twenty-Two

The battery comes disconnected. You need to connect it for the UPS to work. I have installed 8 of these UPS units and each of them spark a little when the battery is connected

Connected Battery by i-think Twenty-Two

Final Resting Place by i-think Twenty-Two

I really need to find a solution for managing the cables behind it.

Powerchute by i-think Twenty-Two

This is APC’s software offering on the Mac. It sits in System Preferences so is unobtrusive, but doesn’t give you nearly as much information about the status of your UPS