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When aliens attack, we might actually be ready

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Just as scientists find a planet that might be just right to sustain life ((Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet - ABC)), and the odds of finding intelligent life on another planet increase ((British bookies scared of aliens - ABC)) we seem to have found ways to fight them, should it ever come to that.We might not even have to resort to the discovery of Kryptonite ((Rio Tinto researchers find ‘real life kryptonite’ - ABC)) to do it.

Travis Taylor and Bob Boan have written An Introduction to Planetary Defence. Taylor, with degrees in astronomy and physics and Boan, with consulting experience for the defence department (article doesn’t state which country) and NASA ((Are you ready for the aliens - NEWS.com.au)).

This bizarre array of articles suggests that the possibilities are moving more into the limelight. Maybe we need a bit of alien interruption to get things working again.