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Windows Vista Magic Keyboard Layouts

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I currently use the Dvorak keyboard layout at work. If you don’t make this setting when you first install Windows the logon screen keeps to the normal US layout. Whilst I can touch type in both layouts, things get a little bit tricky when I start putting my fingers on the keys. It is quite counter- intuitive (and to make matters worse, the letters H, F, U and J can’t be swapped on this keyboard).

Anyway, I worked around the problem by describing my password and username in dvorak terms. (So my username would be pdfol and my password, well I’m not going to tell you that…)

Today I found a link under the keyboard layouts in Windows Vista to a help topic that was the key to solving my problem: “How do I change the keyboard layout for the Welcome Screen?”. Now, Microsoft’s whole thing with Vista is “The Wow is Now” and I have to admit I did say “wow”. Finally I was able to easily copy the keyboard layout to the welcome screen and the solution (Administrative) was only a tab away.

I just wish I could change the horrible blue and green welcome screen without having to use a 3rd party tool.