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Telstra's Complaint Process (Part 3)

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Finally the email that provoked a more acceptable response.

Thank you for your reply, although “Our procedure in this type of request is only done through a phone conversation with a consultant” is not actually an explanation.

Referencing your Complaints Policy on your website (http://www.telstra.com. au/contact/complaints.htm) it appears as though email and even post are perfectly acceptable ways to place a complaint. In fact, it even listed a mailing address: Telstra Locked Bag 20026 Melbourne VIC 3001.

I assume that I can send my complaint to this address.

If you insist on asking me to call the customer service hotline again I would like to take the option described under the “If you would like further investigation from Telstra” section of your complaints policy: “If you are not satisfied with the resolution or the investigation of your complaint it will be escalated to the next level of management, or a Case Manager in a specialised customer relations area.”

So yes, I would like this escalated to whatever specialised area is necessary. Being in electronic form it should be straightforward to pass this information on to whatever area necessary (as requested in my original email). I have again attached both of my previous complaint letters to allow you to easily forward my issues on to the relevant areas.

If I receive another canned response (excluding the initial auto responder email) I will be mailing these complaints as well as another covering letter to the address listed on your complaints policy. I will also be contacting the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

So please take the actions that I have asked and if you personally can not handle it speak to someone who can. Forwarding a complaint to the necessary area should not be a complicated task and should your procedures prevent that may I say that your procedures are in severe need of re-evaluation.


Rhys Parry