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More thoughts on Google+

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So it seems as though I forgot a couple of points in last night’s blog post (First Impressions of Google+).

I should be able to sort my circles

While you can create new circles there doesn’t appear to be any way to sort them. Unfortunately this means that my extreme circles (close friends and fringe) are right next to each other and that’s just not right. However the problem really becomes evident with the menu list of your streams. Only your first custom circle is shown in the list (when you have added more than two custom circles). These are also sorted alphabetically after the predefined circles, which is a little odd, but I can see why it might be the case.

Preliminary conclusion

I think that at least in my case, Google+ is more likely to displace Twitter than Facebook. That said I’m not overly active on Facebook, but I find using twitter is a great way to keep up to date with the people I actually care about and a little industry stuff as well. I think Google+ is well targeted for that particular purpose. Like Twitter though you only know who is actually listening, not how much they care about what you say.