i-think Twenty-Two

Now with more coherency.

Making stalking easier

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I’ve recently taken the plunge and have signed up for a Twitter account.

So now you can follow my routine and always know what I’m up to (if that’s your thing).

If that does happen to be your thing, why not come up to me and say “Hi” ((Invitation to harmless stalkers only (who will go away when asked).))?

Invitations now available

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It is now finally possible to send invitations to friends and family to have them involved in the i-think awards and voting. Each user has been allocated two invitations for this year.

Just go to the i-think Awards site, click Send Invitation and follow the on-screen instructions (of which there are few).

The people you invite won’t be able to invite others until next year’s awards. If you have any issues, contact me via the i-think awards website or make a comment on this post.

Nominations now open for 2008 i-think Awards

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That’s right, it is time once again for the nominations to open up for this year’s i-think Awards. Remember, anyone can nominate and anyone can nominate a new category. Just check out the i-think Awards website.

Dates aren’t final, but I have to enter something for the site to work, so that’s why you’ll see the specifics. I’m still trying to work out what time of year is best to hold the awards so that as many people as possible can attend.Last year I made some big changes to the way the site works under the bonnet, making clearing the results and setting up the new awards even easier. Now that I’ve actually done it, we should be seeing nominations opening earlier than ever before for next year’s awards.

Also, new this year will be a feature where current users will be able to invite new people to become involved and vote in the awards. Invites will be limited (although the number has not yet been determined), however you’ll get more invites again next year. I am still in the “planning” stage for this feature, but given that it is much less ambitious than previous attempts to rewrite the entire site I am much more confident that I will find the time to implement.

So what are you doing still reading this post, you should be getting your nominations in for this year’s i-think Awards.

Windows Vista and Managed Software

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One of my gripes with Windows Vista in the enterprise is that it simply says “Please Wait” during the startup and won’t tell you when it is trying to install managed software. Fortunately, this Group Policy change can resolve the issue:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Verbose vs normal status messages

Enable this setting and you are good to go. Sure, it’s so verbose it tells you when it is playing the logon sound, but in my mind, verbose is good.

You've Got Mail

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Recently I’ve been playing World of Warcraft, and I came across this rather odd item in a mailbox. A corpse. From a distance it looked as though the poor chap had his head stuck in there!