i-think Twenty-Two

Now with more coherency.

i-think Awards Voting is now open

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Be sure to get your votes in for this year’s i-think awards. Voting closes 12:00 AM 18 August 2007. Strictly no extensions! Seriously. I have to do up these before getting on a plane the next morning.

Bridge to Brisbane

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Tomorrow I’m going to be participating in the Bridge to Brisbane “fun run”. Of course I’m not the running type (ask my high school PE teacher) so I’ll be walking. But I’m still going to go for the full 12 kilometres, and have just compiled what I hope is the perfect playlist to keep me motivated throughout the walk. Some of the highlights include:

  • I should reach the peak of the Gateway Bridge at the conclusion of “Superman March”
  • Climbing the bridge I will be motivated by TV themes, including: Knight Rider, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Simpsons Theme (by Green Day from the recent movie) and Stargate SG-1.
  • On the way down the bridge I will be consoled by tracks like: Teardrop and Piano Man.
  • I should complete the walk with the sounds of Black Betty by Spiderbait

Wish me luck!

New Harry Potter Advertising Strategy?

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Owl On Thursday night my brother was the victim of what can only be a new strategy to advertise the final Harry Potter book, to be released today.

In true Harry Potter style, the owl (pictured left), swept into my brother’s room. I heard the commotion as Nathan shouted at the owl to get out of his room. Investigating, the owl was resting quietly in corner, but with some encouragement and the use of blanket (or possibly Invisibility Cloak), I was able to persuade the owl to leave the room through the open window.

This particular owl has been sitting outside my brother’s window for many months now. Is it merely a coincidence that the owl entered now? I think not.

i-think Awards Site Update

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The i-think Awards site has been updated to fix issues with escaping of quotes. This is the biggest rewrite to the core code in four years. Be sure to use the Inquiries page if you run into trouble so it can be fixed ASAP.Unfortunately the complete rewrite was not possible this year, but as always is on the cards for next year.

So come on, nominate: http://www.i-thinkawards.net/