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VSMDI Normalizer

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Have you noticed that your Visual Studio test lists always seem to get re- ordered? Make sense of this randomness with the VSMDI Normalizer.

It works by sorting your test lists and tests by name, creating a consistent ordering, allowing better merging and comparison of test lists. It’s a command line tool so it can integrate with automated processes really well.

It works in two modes:

  1. Target Mode: Specify the VSMDI file as the first argument and the target output file as the second. If the target exists it will be overwritten. This is ideal if not everyone is using VSMDI Normalizer. Some file comparison tools accept external converter tools (such as Beyond Compare).
  2. In Place Mode: The VSMDI file will be normalized in place. This would be a good operation to run prior to check in. Just specify the VSMDI file as the first and only argument at the command line.

Download VSMDI Normalizer

For support, visit our support page.

VSMDI Normalizer is free for personal and commercial use. It comes with no warranty, explicit or implicit.

To use VSMDI Normalizer with Beyond Compare:

  1. Open Beyond Compare
  2. Select Tools > File Formats
  3. Click New
  4. Enter *.vsmdi as the mask
  5. In the Conversion Tab, select “External program (Unicode filenames)”.
  6. Browse for the VSMDI Normalizer tool (for the Loading field).
  7. Append the following to the Loading path: “ %s %t” (without the quotes).
  8. Check Disable editing
  9. Click Save and Close