i-think Twenty-Two

Now with more coherency.

Could the Stork be on his way??

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This controversial article is a product of The Mill.
After our initial article about the chance of certain members of my social circle getting hitched, there has been an influx of new information regarding the couples discussed in our Poll.

a “source” tells me alison may be sporting a “baby bump” ;)

Fortunately, my journalist instincts tells me that this isn’t necessarily the full story. Rather it seems a convenient misdirection campaign on behalf of Trish herself.

With Paul’s Possum infactuation, which Trish is trying to desperately cover up, referring to seemingly non existent Live Journal articles, how will Paul handle fatherhood.

28/10/2005 2:14 PM Captain Control: movies @ home are cheaper. 28/10/2005 2:20 PM Spiff: and can be more comfortable 28/10/2005 2:21 PM Captain Control: Because you can watch them naked? 28/10/2005 2:22 PM Spiff: that, and you can bring dunas and bean bags to the proceedings

To sum it up…

Won’t somebody pleeease think of the children