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Another one bites the dust...

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This week reports trickled in of yet another engagement within the small group of people collectively referred to as Friends.The initial tip-off was made by a party wishing to remain anonymous and was given off the record. Naturally The Mill could not proceed (and retain journalistic integrity) until the story was confirmed. Fortunately, confirmation was made yesterday by Will that he had indeed proposed to Alison, and importantly she accepted.

Given the increasing number of people who visit The Mill for proposal advice ((In March, 37.5% of visitors who came via search engines used the phrase ‘when to propose’, with approximately 10% using a variant on the phrase. So far this month, over half of visitors via search engines have come seeking proposal advice)), it is important to share as many details as possible about the engagement. Please be aware that further information is still forth-coming and The Mill will endeavour to follow up on any further leads it may receive.

Throwing caution to the wind was how Will decided to proceed, proposing at the start of an overseas holiday. This risk paid good dividends for both Will and Alison, who were able to treat the entire vacation as an engagement honeymoon, building memories that will last a lifetime. Originally, The Mill posted an article ((When To Propose)) suggesting making the proposal at the end of the vacation, although Will’s experience has shown that it is not necessary to follow The Mill’s suggestions to the letter.

So, for all of our visitors who are seeking ways to tie the knot with that special someone, be sure to use The Mill and any other resource you may find for inspiration. It is not necessary to follow advice of this type verbatim, indeed it is next to impossible to provide universal advice that will suit every situation. Hopefully you know the person you are wishing to propose to better than The Mill and you can use that insight to improve the odds of getting the answer you want.

If you have a proposal story that you’d like to see on The Mill leave a comment on a relevant post and we’ll get in touch with you to produce a feature article.

Finally, congratulations must go out to Will and Alison. Everyone here at The Mill wishes you the very best.