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China vs. Tibet

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What the hell is going on in China? I have to give some kudos to Kevin Rudd for trying to voice concerns of human rights abuses in Tibet, but I can’t help feel it went down a little bit like a comedy duo with Rudd as the straight man. He tells China about Tibet and they just reply back saying “No human right abuses” (and then perhaps making some sort of noise with a horn). Somehow the straight man always restrains himself from slapping the funny man silly.

Several countries (Poland included) have enough balls to boycott the olympic games because of the problems. I wish we could do the same, but not because I think it would make China change their behaviour, but because it would at least affirm our true position.

Seriously, picking on monks? That’s just rough.

I don’t like conflict. I tend to avoid it in day to day life, but sometimes conflict is necessary to reach a resolution. If Tibet wants to be free I say let them be free and we should support them in any way necessary to achieve that freedom.