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The Mill is recruiting

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Since The Mill was first started in 2005 it has evolved from gossip and rumours to discussing issues of relationships, human society and the environment. In order to continue to expand our horizons, The Mill is looking to recruit new members to build its team.

Are you looking for a hobby that simultaneously demonstrates your writing skills, while allowing you to voice opinions on topics you are passionate about? Are you passionate about the environment? Are you self-motivated? Do you have excellent written communication skills? If so, this may be a great opportunity for you.

Whilst at this time, The Mill is unable to provide financial remuneration (it is currently being run at a loss with no income streams), we will provide a solid foundation upon which you can demonstrate your skills and will provide full written references for all members of our team. With further expansion and the creation of income streams on the cards for the future (The Mill and i-think Twenty-Two are currently working on an exciting new collaboration) we hope to be able to remedy this situation and will look at performance-based remuneration options.

In the meantime, the opportunity exists to get your foot in the door and to provide a stepping-stone for your career. The following opportunities are currently available:

Muse - 2 positions available
If you are constantly trawling the internet looking at news articles, this may be an ideal position for you. The position requires that you submit 1-2 current news or blog articles per week, with a brief (10-20 words) commentary for how you you think The Mill should approach writing a full article on the topic. Citing additional sources for further information on an article would be valuable. The ideas and suggestions that you provide may be used in the creation of articles for The Mill to be used at the discretion of the writing and editorial team.

Writer - 1 position available
Are you able to step back from a news item and analyse it? Can you spark interesting debate, looking at both sides of an issue? Can you be provided with an idea and run with it? If so, this might be the position for you. As a writer, you will be expected to produce 3-4 articles per week, based on your own ideas, or be allocated a story submitted by a Muse. (Articles are allocated by the editorial team based on who would produce the most interesting article). As a writer you are also free to elect to take on an article idea submitted by a muse without being allocated it directly by an editor.

Work of writers is subject to editorial review, where the editor will check the article for spelling errors and ensure the integrity of the article. Editors may prevent your article from being published if it contains blatantly incorrect information, does not provide adequate references, or is blatantly commercial in content. Editors will always provide the writer the opportunity to review their work so that it can be published under the high level of integrity expected of The Mill. Writers are also able to have their work reviewed by other writers.

This position provides you with the opportunity to work in an editorial environment, whilst allowing your creativity to be set free.

Editor - 1 position available
If you have excellent writing skills, strong ethics and a passion for exceptional content, this position is for you. Editors review article content for correctness and sufficient referencing, as well as providing feedback to writer’s when more information or clarification is required. Editors are also free to publish their own articles, which they are expected to keep at the same level of quality. Editors are expected to produce at least one editorial article each week.

Editors are answerable to the Chief Editor, who will review their work.

How to apply
To apply for any of these positions, or for more information, make a comment on this post and we’ll email your shortly to start the recruitment process. Don’t put your contact details in the comment as if you’ve commented before it will be put on the site immediately.

We’re looking forward to your applications and your participation in the next step for The Mill.