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A new not-Rhys?

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As has been recently posted on Omegadelta.Net, Will has been recently the subject of what may be the biggest practical joke since not-Rhys.

Adorning a beautiful arrangement of flowers, was a teddy bear (a clue perhaps?) and a large pink ribbon. Oh, and the message:

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, you love Java and I love you. You are my Ace lets share another cup of Java soon. Happy Birthday Michael D. Cameron.

When I finally stopped laughing I began investigating the potential culprit.

So who is Michael Cameron? A quick Google search finds a Michael Cameron in Melbourne and in the school of computer science and information technology. Interestingly, this Michael Cameron has a brother Jamie Cameron, the author of Webmin.

Is this name a clue? If so, a clue to what? Or is it simply a red herring designed to steer us from the true culprit. Sounds like something not-Rhys would do. Is not-Rhys back? Have we only experienced a minor reprieve from not-Rhys' pranking?

Will has declared swift revenge on the culprit, and while this threat may prevent the culprit from stepping forward straight away this may lead to a new wave of pranks to finally surpass those of the not-Rhys saga.

More to follow once Will provides photographic evidence. I only wish I thought of this prank first. I tip my hat to the prankster.